Commerce Together.

Commerce is built on a foundation of education.

Dr. Ray Keck, the President of Texas A&M University – Commerce (TAMU-C) has extended an invitation to the Commerce Independent School District (CISD) Board to utilize the resources of the university in making CISD the finest school district in the state of Texas. This invitation ignited a desire within the community to make every effort to realize the full potential for what we can offer students of all ages.

Charlie Alderman, Superintendent of CISD, developed the ASPIRE Program to capitalize on this opportunity and to build the school system that our children and families need. Mr. Alderman also intends to use this opportunity to provide for the needs of our local educators and education administrators. Through a series of public meetings, the ASPIRE Program is developing into a communal effort aimed at enhancing public education in Commerce.

In an effort to support this partnership and to further our community’s commitment to education, Mayor Wyman Williams hosted a meeting at City Hall to engage members of the community who are most entrenched in this effort and to seek feedback for using this partnership to continually enhance the quality of life in Commerce.

“College town”:   That universally prized status for any American community, Commerce nestles itself in a lush rural setting one hour east of the nation’s  most dynamic metroplex.  Our schools, our university, and our community provide a lifestyle with the strength of deep tradition, the energy of a new age.  And a unique blessing awaits students at the University:  The intimacy and care of a liberal arts college for the price of public higher ed.

Dr. Ray Keck, President, Texas A&M University - Commerce

The ASPIRE experience has been amazing for me.  Seeing all the people that have spent time and effort in helping a school district and community I grew up in leaves me extremely humbled.  I have had chills at every meeting we have had so far.  I truly want to thank the individuals that have worked so had for our students and staff.  I have never been a part of anything like this.  Commerce is truly a great place to be and headed in the right direction.  Thank you Commerce!

Charlie Alderman, Superintendent, Commerce Independent School District

The economy of Commerce is based on education. For 128 years ET/A&M-Commerce has produced teachers and administrators who have guided tens of thousands of young people to better lives. We now have today an opportunity to form a joint effort of our university, ISD and community to improve the futures of our very own young people in Commerce ISD. Please join us.

Wyman Williams, Mayor, City of Commerce, Texas

ASPIRE Program.

What should our students aspire to be?

Residents from across the community participated in a series of meetings aimed identifying and addressing issues affecting life in Commerce. These residents broke into several focus groups and spent time learning about and discussing potential ways of addressing issues they felt most strongly about.

On February 7, 2017, all of the participants in these meetings came together in a setting where each group presented the results of their discussions.

Community Meetings.

On October 24, 2016, more than 118 residents of Commerce and Commerce ISD attended a meeting at City Hall to discuss areas where we can focus our efforts to maximize the positive impact on the quality of life in our community.

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